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Newsletter 31 - Richard Strauss - Autographs, first editions

Musikantiquariat Wolfgang Stoeger Newsletter
Newsletter 31
Richard Strauss (1864-1949) - Autographs, First Editions

From the estate of Maurits Sillem (1929-2002), conductor at Covent Garden:

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Salome. Op.54. Orchester-Partitur.

First edition of the conductor’s score with editor’s number "44".

Berlin, Adolph Fürstner ("A. 5500. 5503. F."), 1905

Editor’s stamp on the title page verso: "... rental copy for the use of the performance of 'Salome' in the Stadttheater Erfurt, Berlin July 3rd 1907 Adolph Fuerstner."

The sensational premiere of Salome 1905 in Dresden was followed by nearly 40 other productions of the opera alone in the next 2 years. In Erfurt the opera was staged with 9 performances between November 1907 and March 1908.

EUR 3.400,- → Item ID 16711 / Details

Richard Strauss' first opera:

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Guntram. Op.25 - Autograph and first edition:

I: Postcard, Weimar 16.11.1893, answering the demand of a copy of the libretto.

II: Vocal score with both introductions to act I and II.

Muenchen, Aibl (PN 2806, 2821, 2822), 1894

Rare first edition, 6 positions (of 11) on the title still without price.

EUR 800,- → Item ID 16713 / Details

3 symphonic poems - Aibl full score in folio "For private use only".

Together EUR 400,- (instead of a total of EUR 500,-)

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Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche. Op.28.

München, Aibl (PN 2832), [cr 1895]

Original edition, early issue (ca. 1898).


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Also sprach Zarathustra. Op.30.

Leipzig, Aibl G.m.b.H. (PN 2859), [ca. 1904]

Rare Titelauflage of the original edition of the folio full score after Aibl was bought by "Universal Edition", originally still uncut/unsliced (!)

EUR 120,- → Item ID 16715 / Details

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Don Quixote. Op.35.

München, Aibl (PN 2885), [cr 1898]

First edition 1898 with later label "Universal-Edition". Cover backside with Aibl catalogue until 1898.

EUR 200,- → Item ID 16716 / Details

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Josephs Legende op. 63 von Richard Strauss - Fantasie für Klavier von Otto Singer.

Berlin, Fürstner (PN 7313), [cr 1922]

Composed by Otto Singer, who also arranged the vocal score of this ballet and of many other Strauss' operas.

EUR 60,- → Item ID 16717 / Details

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Autograph picture postcard signed (APCS) "Dr Richard Strauss" to artist  Anton Müller-Wischin (1865-1949)

Garmisch-Partenkirchen 25.05.1926.

The picture postcard with a photo auf the Strauss villa in Garmisch with the composer and his wife in front of the house.

Strauss tells the befriended artist, that he is back from Athens. There he had seen a painting by Müller-Wischin in the residence of the ambassador of Sicily, who told him that he esteemed this painting as the very best in his collection.

EUR 600,- → Item ID 16718 / Details

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