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Catalogue 58

Mendelssohn Family – Collection of letters 1863-1913

to the friend of the family Ernst Rudorff (1840-1916)

83 letters (including 1 postcard, 3 business cards, 1 with musical quotation, and a short notice)

16 members from 3 generations of the Mendelssohn family:

2 children of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (Paul, Lili)
1 grandson (Albrecht)
his sister in law (Albertine), his nephew (Ernst)
and the families of his two cousins Georg and Franz Mendelssohn

The archive is completely transcribed (German) and organized following the Mendelssohn family tree.

The archive is offered as collection until June 30th 2024 - price on request.

Please see the detailed information (english) as    →   PDF.